We Are Translation

When Steve Stoute founded Translation in 2004, he named the agency after an idea—not some abstract concept, an amorphously creative moniker, nor himself.

Many marketers have misread this generation’s worldview, behaviors, and relationship to culture and the importance of brands in their lives. Today’s generation doesn’t think in terms of rigid demographic silos, like race, gender, and age. They relate based on shared values and interests. It’s a way of processing, understanding, and relating to the world—a collective mental complexion that was best articulated in Steve’s book, The Tanning of America.

Because we believe brands that lead in culture are ultimately more successful and relevant than brands that follow culture, all of our work—whether a social campaign, TV spot, or brand launch—is grounded in keen consumer insights, cultural truths, and brand fidelity.

Our starting point with every client brief is rigorous strategy—a custom mix of analytics, clairvoyance, anthropology, and real-world insights. It guides our creative thinking and powers every execution.